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going to theaters while on vacation

My small town has very few forms of entertainment. If I want to see a show in a theater, I have to go into the city. Because of the limitations where I live, I try to plan my vacations around shows being performed at different theaters. Before I pick my vacation date and where I am going, I look for shows being performed in different areas. As soon as I find a show that I want to see, I begin making the rest of my plans. Find out about searching several areas for shows that you want to see so you can include attending them in your vacation plans.


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Entertaining Your Younger Kids When School Starts Back Up

When back-to-school time comes around, your oldest children who have been home with you all summer will be busy once again with classes, school friends, and activities. While this is exciting for them and expected for you, it may not feel the same way for your younger child or children. For them, the playmates they have had around all day, every day will be taken away from them and they will likely feel sad, lonely, and bored. In order to help your younger children transition to being on their own again, you may want to take them to do some fun activities to keep them from feeling too sad without their big brothers and sisters. Get to know a few ways that you can entertain your younger kids when school starts back up. 

Go To The Movies

It is no surprise that many kids love going to the movies. The whole experience is exciting and fun, from the concession stand, to seeing amazing and exciting stories come alive on the big screen. 

So, if you want to take your younger children out to have fun, check out the upcoming animated movies at sites like Rotoscopers or in theaters near you and plan an outing. Be sure to look for special deals for children's tickets and/or concessions or even re-releases of older animated movies that may be offered at discounted ticket prices. These showings are kid-friendly, often involve special activities, and will be lots of fun for you and your younger children. 

Get Them Involved In Their Own Activities

Just because your child is too young to be in school doesn't mean that they are too young to have their own activities. And getting your child out of the house and interacting with peers will only serve to stave off that sadness that their siblings are off at school. 

So, check out your local YMCA's, gyms, and dance studios for various activities and classes for toddlers and preschool-aged children. The sooner your younger children are involved in such activities, the better developed their social skills will be and the sooner they will develop their own unique interests. 

Options for activities during the school year for your younger child may include dance, swimming (indoor), martial arts, gymnastics, cheer-leading, sports, or other various activities. There are numerous activities designed to suit toddlers and preschool-aged children that are fun for them and adorable for you to watch.

With these ideas in mind, you can help your younger children readjust to their older siblings being back in school and away from the house for most of the day. So, decide what you want to do and get started entertaining your younger children while the older kids are off at school.