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Are Documentary Films Worth the Effort?

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People who believe strongly in a cause often turn to documentary films as a way of exploring the subject and educating the populace. If you’re debating making a documentary, you might wonder whether doing so is worth all the cost. Here’s what you need to know. The Cost of a Typical Documentary Is Often Worth the Impact Making a documentary film is not inexpensive. Industry experts estimate the cheapest cost is typically about $1,000 per minute while higher-quality films may cost as much as $3,000 per minute. For an hour and a half documentary, that is a minimum of $270,000. This price will vary based on a variety of factors, including: Travel  Film processing The film crew Post-production The monetary investment in a documentary film might seem high, but a powerful documentary can change the world. Think of the way that some documentaries have revealed negative realities behind certain industrial processes and how that has helped change regulation. Other documentaries may focus on gauging the emotional impact a historical event has had on culture, such as the way Americans felt after the events of 9/11. Great documentaries capture a filmmaker and producer’s concept and present it in a way that either tells a truth or expresses powerful emotion. This is a difficult process for many filmmakers, especially those who are wrapped up so heavily in the process. However, if you believe in a cause deeply, a documentary can help bring it to light. The Six Different Types of Documentaries If you have the money to make a documentary and are interested in pursuing one, it is important that you know about the six different types of documentaries. Not all documentaries are made equal, and different documentaries present information in different ways. Poetic Documentaries – use sights and sound to create an abstract narrative that conveys a suitable emotion instead of hard facts Expository Documentaries – features a variety of facts and information presented in a strict narrative structure in order to convince viewers of a specific point Observational Documentaries – observe the world in a non-argumentative way, simply exploring all aspects of an issue in a comprehensive manner Participatory Documentaries – typically features the filmmaker trying to directly influence the events they are portraying and stating their opinion on subjects in a straight manner Reflexive Documentaries – focus on the filmmaker and the making of the documentary, not on their attempt to actually influence the events of the narrative Performative Documentaries – a combination of personal and political or historical concepts in a way that shares the filmmaker’s emotional response to the subject Which of these particular documentary styles appeal to you and the point you want to make? Whichever you choose, make sure that you contact a director who can help make the process easier to...

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Hoping to catch up on hit TV? Try Blu-ray

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You finally decided to start watching that TV program everyone is talking about at the office, but not all of the series are available on streaming services. Lucky for you, many of the most popular series are now available on Blu-ray discs. Here are a few places to look for the complete series of a TV program on Blu-ray at a reasonable price. Online Shops Some businesses have found that there is less overhead when all transactions are carried out over the Internet. A quick search should provide you with a number of places to buy Blu-ray editions of a TV series. Since there is less overhead for the business owner, some of the savings will be passed on to the consumers. Video Exchange Stores It has become trendy to buy movies, watch them a few times and then take them to a store to exchange them for different movies. The same is true with television series. People like you, who didn’t start to watch a series until it was well underway, buy all the episodes up to where they started to watch and then take them in for something new or to get some cash. While this means you are buying previously viewed discs, the stores check them for problems before taking them. You get to catch up with what is going on without having to pay the price for new Blu-ray discs. Large Discount Chain Stores Check out a large, discount chain store for physical copies of popular shows. If they do not have it in stock, they can usually order it for you. This way, you do not have to miss out on anything. Pawn Shops If the series has been out for more than a few years, some of the older seasons may be found at pawn shops. While they may also have the more recent season, the older seasons tend to sit for a while because they have been seen either the first time they aired or on syndicated reruns. Even if you do not have cable or satellite television, so you do not get the channel the series is on, there is no reason to be behind on the latest, trendiest television series. Watch an episode, make sure you like it and then go on the hunt for cheap Blu-ray TV series box sets. Once caught up, you’ll have something to talk about at the water...

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Entertaining Your Younger Kids When School Starts Back Up

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When back-to-school time comes around, your oldest children who have been home with you all summer will be busy once again with classes, school friends, and activities. While this is exciting for them and expected for you, it may not feel the same way for your younger child or children. For them, the playmates they have had around all day, every day will be taken away from them and they will likely feel sad, lonely, and bored. In order to help your younger children transition to being on their own again, you may want to take them to do some fun activities to keep them from feeling too sad without their big brothers and sisters. Get to know a few ways that you can entertain your younger kids when school starts back up.  Go To The Movies It is no surprise that many kids love going to the movies. The whole experience is exciting and fun, from the concession stand, to seeing amazing and exciting stories come alive on the big screen.  So, if you want to take your younger children out to have fun, check out the upcoming animated movies at sites like Rotoscopers or in theaters near you and plan an outing. Be sure to look for special deals for children’s tickets and/or concessions or even re-releases of older animated movies that may be offered at discounted ticket prices. These showings are kid-friendly, often involve special activities, and will be lots of fun for you and your younger children.  Get Them Involved In Their Own Activities Just because your child is too young to be in school doesn’t mean that they are too young to have their own activities. And getting your child out of the house and interacting with peers will only serve to stave off that sadness that their siblings are off at school.  So, check out your local YMCA’s, gyms, and dance studios for various activities and classes for toddlers and preschool-aged children. The sooner your younger children are involved in such activities, the better developed their social skills will be and the sooner they will develop their own unique interests.  Options for activities during the school year for your younger child may include dance, swimming (indoor), martial arts, gymnastics, cheer-leading, sports, or other various activities. There are numerous activities designed to suit toddlers and preschool-aged children that are fun for them and adorable for you to watch. With these ideas in mind, you can help your younger children readjust to their older siblings being back in school and away from the house for most of the day. So, decide what you want to do and get started entertaining your younger children while the older kids are off at...

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